Unity Park, the new face of Greenville!


After years of planning and 22 months of construction, hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the opening of Unity Park in Greenville, South Carolina on May 19. The 60-acre park features four playgrounds for children of all ages and abilities, covered picnic tables, walking trails and 12 acres of green space. Three pedestrian bridges span the Reedy River, which flows through the middle of the park for nearly one kilometer.

As part of its mission of sustainability and environmental protection, the Michelin Corporate Foundation contributed funding to restore and preserve the stretch of the river that bisects the park. The funds were used to stabilize the riverbank and plant vegetation to act as a natural filter for sediment, reduce erosion and improve water quality downstream.

Established in Greenville since 1985, Michelin, through the Michelin Foundation, wished to support this transformational local park, which will enhance the lives of Greenville residents and welcome visitors from all over the world for generations to come.

See below the video Inauguration of Auro Bridge, echoing the symbolism of the park.