A mobile clinic in India


The Michelin Corporate Foundation is actively involved in health issues in the countries where the Group operates.

In addition to Michelin’s community health programs, the Michelin Corporate Foundation has been giving its backing since 2015 to a project for a traveling clinic to serve the 31 villages in the Thiruvallur district around the Michelin India facility at Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The clinic’s purpose is to perform basic diagnoses and treat patients with acute and chronic conditions.
Staffing has increased since September 2018 and the team now includes a driver, a nurse, a health coordinator, seven community health workers, a physiotherapist and a doctor.

With modern equipment such as an otoscope, an ophthalmoscope, pregnancy tests and eye charts, the clinic can
identify a wide range of diseases, from high blood pressure to diabetes, malnutrition, asthma and anemia.

With 7,870 visits in 2018, the clinic has been intensely active.
Alongside this scheme, events are held regularly to provide health awareness and education.

In October and November 2018, health workers organized informal question and answer sessions in the villages on diabetes and high blood pressure and their possible complications, giving advice on appropriate
diets and the importance of physical exercise and medication.

In all, 352 people attended these meetings, with a resulting rise in the number of patients showing up for screening. In addition, a health day was organized for Michelin’s NGO partners. The workshops covered numerous subjects, including diabetes, high blood pressure, treating diarrhea, monitoring growth in children, alcohol abuse and depression.

Forrad: Mobile clinic teams consult villagers

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