Creation of the International African American Museum in Charleston, USA

International African American Museum

The Michelin Corporate Foundation has joined an important group of donors to support the creation of the International African American Museum (IAAM) to be built in Charleston, South Carolina, precisely where hundreds of thousands African slaves arrived in the United States between 1783 and 1808, in what is known as forced migration on the largest-scale in the history of mankind.

The IAAM is designed to be a living and interactive place thanks to numerous multimedia elements. It will offer visitors of all ages the opportunity to learn about an essential part of American history, and to discover in particular how this African American population impacted the creation of the country.

The highlight of the project is a Center for Family History where visitors interested in exploring their origins will be able to research about their ancestors from Africa, by using advanced technology to facilitate genealogical research.

The IAAM’s architecture is being directed by two leading architects, Henry Cobb and Curtis Moody. They have prioritized the design of the museum’s exterior elements, which will include memorial gardens and a beautiful shallow tidal pool.

International African American Museum

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