International CleanTech Week in Annecy

The Fifth Element

Since 2018 the Michelin Corporate Foundation has been sponsoring the Fifth Element association during the International CleanTech Week (ICW).

Founded in 2016, the Fifth Element is an association that aims to recreate a harmony between nature, man and technology to ensure a sustainable ecological and technological transition for future generations. Its ambition is to reconnect the four fundamental elements (water, sun, wind, earth) to man.

In 2019, the association organised the second edition of the International CleanTech Week in Annecy from 19th to 22nd June 2019. In parallel, its teams initiated the first edition of the International Meeting of Sustainable Mobility in Saint-Tropez from 20th to 24th September 2019.

The ICW targets a wide range of people: schoolchildren, start-ups, investors, manufacturers, banks, investment funds, job-seekers, support structures for job-seekers, etc.

The 2019 edition brought together over 8,500 visitors, including 1,400 pupils, 137 exhibitors and partners; 25 conferences were held; more than 10 countries were present or represented, and more than 100 promising innovations were showcased.




International CleanTech Week in Annecy - June 2019

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