L’Auvergne Pour Un Enfant

L'Auvergne Pour Un Enfant

The Association L’Auvergne pour Un Enfant, created in 2000 by Doctor Raymond Miallier, is recognized as charitable by the Prefecture of Puy de Dôme.

Currently chaired by Professor Jean-René Lusson, Auvergne Pour Un Enfant takes care of children suffering from serious heart pathologies who cannot be treated in their country. Since its creation, 210 children from developing countries have been saved.

Transported from their country of origin by Aviation Sans Frontières, the children are then transported by plane to the Hospital Centers of either Clermont-Ferrand or Lyon depending on the pathologies. Accommodated by volunteer host families during their operation and treatment, the children are then returned to their families as soon as their health allows it.

Without this chain of solidarity, the humanitarian mission would not be possible.

The Michelin Foundation wanted to support Auvergne Pour Un Enfant in its missions: welcoming, transporting and treating children from disadvantaged countries in emergency situations – and at the same time – training doctors in these countries.

Henceforth, some doctors from developing countries have become valued correspondents of the Association. Their additional training allows them to address children’s files based on reliable diagnosis. Five doctors from different countries received this training at the Clermont-Ferrand CHRU.

Auvergne Pour Un Enfant is looking for foster families.

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