Mobilize against school dropout in the Philippines

Children of Asia

The Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia most affected by the health crisis, with long-term consequences further aggravating socio-economic problems.

In this respect, the Michelin Foundation wished to support the association Enfants d’Asie which has been working since 1998 in this geographical area, and more particularly on the island of Cebu where the pandemic has greatly exacerbated precariousness, a source of school dropouts, child labor, child prostitution, and violence.

In order to fight against the risk of dropping out of school and against mistreatment, Enfants d’Asie intervenes in schools to strengthen children’s rights and support the most vulnerable students.

Throughout 2023, the project aims to support 200 children at high risk of dropping out of school on the island of Cebu in the Philippines, to cover their school fees, and to promote the rights of the children with 10,000 pupils in 9 schools through campaigns and the training of teachers, parents and guidance counsellors.

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