Hosting of researchers and teacher-researchers from countries at war or under an authoritarian regime

Collège de France (PAUSE)

Launched in January 2017, the PAUSE program, (National program for the urgent aid and reception of scientists in exile), sustains a hospitality scheme in French higher education establishments and research organizations for scientists threatened in their own countries.

PAUSE is supported by a prestigious and committed Patronage Committee co-chaired by Alain Prochiantz, Director of Collège de France, and Edith Heard, a Professor at Collège de France. Its mission is to facilitate the hosting of these leading scientists for sufficiently long periods to enable them to integrate and to ensure continuity in their research.

The international meeting of the PAUSE program took place at the Collège de France on 9 November 2017. Philippe Legrez, Executive Director of the Michelin Corporate Foundation, participated in a roundtable discussion on what is at stake in hosting scientists in exile.

Testimony of Ali Sammuneh, a Syrian astronomer, father of four children:
“The PAUSE program is like a hand held out to heal, a reassuring smile which can be seen from all the cold and dark corners of the planet as a sign of hope. PAUSE put me back on my feet by giving me the time to rebuild my professional activity from scratch and provide a livelihood for my family.”

The Michelin Corporate Foundation is proud to contribute to the duty of solidarity towards these scientists, and to help protecting scientific knowledge which is essential for the academic and research community and for society as a whole.

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Syrian scientist Muhammad Ali Sammuneh aided by the PAUSE program - Credit: Observatoire de Paris/Collège de France

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