“Virtually Versailles” at Singapor!

Château de Versailles

To promote and highlight France’s cultural heritage using cutting-edge technology was the bold initiative that
persuaded the Michelin Corporate Foundation to partner the Château de Versailles and the ESSEC Business School in organizing in Singapore the first digital exploration of the palace and grounds of Versailles, entitled “Virtually Versailles”.

This exhibition, which opened in November 2018, was held in one of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore, the ION Orchard.
Using the most innovative digital tools, it offers an immersive journey around five topics: the building of the palace of Versailles, the Versailles collections, the Versailles gardens, the secluded Trianon estate and innovation at  Versailles.

At the same time, a movie taking audiences to the heart of the Versailles estate is being shown at the ION Sky panoramic exhibition space on the 56th floor of the ION Orchard tower with its 360° view of Singapore City. Perspectives, interiors, performances, fountains and fireworks have been captured in very high definition for this
exceptional movie.
A traveling digital experience in which a French museum creates a visitor event abroad using computer tools is a first.

The Michelin Corporate Foundation was won over by the cultural and historical dimension of the project
and was delighted to be associated with it. By making the Château of Versailles better known in Asia, the exhibition helps highlight France’s cultural heritage with the objective of making visitors want to travel to France.

With more than 50,000 visitors during its five weeks showing, between November 30th 2018 and January 6th 2019, this outstanding project met with the success it deserved.

“Virtually Versailles” at Singapor

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